Last Saturday was our first Bible study fellowship this year and my family and I can't wait for the second one tomorrow. It's really a blessing to learn more about Jesus and grow together in Him daily. For last Saturday's Bible study, my husband was the one who handled the topic to share and it was really wonderful! We can't wait to meet our fellow Christians tomorrow for our Bible study again.

So far, Miriam is still loving school despite the fact that she didn't have any friends yet. We told her to just focus on learning and not to worry about that kind of stuff. Now she completely understand and come home happy all the time. Unlike before, she felt so left out and sad. On the other hand, she still wants to go back to her old school at Evergreen Christian school because she likes the kids in there. According to her, they're very friendly to her. Again, we told her to just love the kids at her new school because they don't have the same upbringing as those who are in the Christian school. Most of them came from a poor and broken family. Anyway, here is our little 4th grader at 13th day of school:
Miriam is loving school and hopefully not just for the first week but all throughout the school year. She said that she did a great job on her reading according to her teacher. Also, she's very excited to join their school band. She wanted to play violin and hopefully she will really enjoy it. Later today, after school, she will start her first day of her ballet class for this school year and she's very excited about it too. Pretty soon, she might go back to home schooling due to all her activities as she progresses in each one of them too. She needs more time to practice and it might affect her school. In this case, homeschooling will be the best option as she can do her school stuff anytime. We'll cross the bridge when we got there. Anyway, I wanted to share her second day of school photo with her little sister. More school photos to be uploaded soon.

Today is Miriam's first day of school and officially her first regular school where she actually starts from the very beginning. Although she tried going to regular schools but she's been homeschooled most of the time. When she left for school this morning, she was very excited and can't wait to start learning at school. I asked her if she wants to ride the school bus but she prefers to be riding our own car and drop her off at school.  I can't wait to hear from her how's her day at school when she's back later.

Here is our 4th grader showing her big smile early in the morning for her first day of school:

It's been over a week now since I had my surgery and I am thankful to God for a very fast recovery. I am not completely healed yet but I am feeling way better already that I can walk straight without any pain or I can lay down in bed comfortably and sleep in my sides too. Although I am feeling better, I still need to take it easy because the incisions are still fresh. Later today, I will be going to my doctor for follow up. Its going to be a busy day for me but it'll be fun too :-) I will take the kids to the mall after my appointment too.
I'm back here now! I am so sorry for taking too long to update this blog, I've been busy with so many things in life...hopefully, I'll be able to keep this blog lively again.
We had another family night at my hubby's parents. We had dinner and watched movies together. It was a lot of fun. We can't wait for another fellowship soon. My husband and I are hoping to be able to move to our own place soon so we can invite our family and friends to have fellowship with us too. Right now, we're just waiting and praying for God's perfect time. We might stay in this apartment for another year before we could find our own place. Anyway, we just trust God that He will provide everything for us. We will surely wait for His perfect will for us.
I can't believe that this month of February is almost over and Spring is almost here! My husband and I are now counting the days that we can move out from this apartment to our own place soon, God be willing! Our lease will end in June so we're getting really really close. Hopefully, we will get the pre approval letter soon so we can start looking for houses. It's going to be so exciting but like I said, it's all in God's perfect will for He knows best. For now, we can just continue to pray for possibilities!
Miriam is so fascinated with drawing different characteristics and she's so good at it too! We called her an all around artist because she can draw anything or she can create anything as far as her imagination can do! What's so amazing about her too is that she can even create a song. She can also write a story. We hope and pray that she will succeed in everything she love doing. God bless  her heart. What a blessing she is and a joy forever! Thank you Jesus for our little artist, Miriam Joy!





Lumpia, lumpia, lumpia is what my friend has been talking about forever! She wants them so bad and yet, she told me that she doesn't have time to make them? That doesn't make sense to me. I truly believe that if there is a will, there is always a to you my friend, I  hope that you will really find time to make lumpia if you really want them. Don't wait until somebody will do it for you not unless you have another valid reason...if we're neighbors, I could probably make some for you but you live way too far from us. I hope that you'll  have some lumpia anytime soon though. God bless!